Invest with Ethereum Wallet into Companies

In 2015, Ethereum, bitcoins and other forms of virtual currency generated more than $1 billion in investments from companies and corporations globally. That was after $347 million was invested in the same forms of virtual currency back in 2014.

Big Companies Investing in Ethereum Wallet

Fortune 500 companies such as Goldman Sachs, the New York Stock Exchange, MasterCard, and Deloitte all believe in the power of virtual currency and has contributed substantial amounts of money in investments towards the concept, supporting startup businesses worldwide. These corporations are investing their money mainly into smart contracts and unique, early-stage start up investments. they are also investing about half of their money with firms that have progressed towards later stages of their foundation.

Other companies such as Boost VC are considering investing into Ether online wallet by including it into their investment portfolio. What attracts them the most to is “its ease of use and robust toolkit.”

Ethereum is like bitcoins and the fact that it is a form of virtual currency that has become increasingly popular for use in recent years. Both forms of currency exist only on line, without any physical bill or coil representation of the money. But bitcoins and Ethereum differ in a few different ways.

Primarily, bitcoins were designed and created as an alternative form of currency to the American dollar. While it is not meant to replace the American form of currency entirely, it provides a secure and private way to transfer American funds into an equitable form of currency that offers the same anonymity as a Swiss bank account, along with unregulated usage in ownership.

Ethereum on the other hand, were never intended to compete with or provide an alternative to standard, government issued currency. Instead, it was created to be used on an advanced technological platform and which developer and investors can use the currency to accomplish other tasks. Whether the Ethereum wallet users plan to develop software, create databases, or monetize executions, the Ethereum wallet’s coins acts as a form of currency that can be used to trade, secure and purchase various items that other users on the platform can provide.

Gaming Communities embrace Ethereum’s Features

Another thing that separates bitcoins from Ethereum is that bitcoins can be used globally, as they have emerged into an acceptable form of payment online. Gaming communities, trading platforms, major corporations, and online websites all have come to accept bitcoins as a form of payment for goods and services. That means that any person who owns a Bitcoin may use it if the vendor accepts it as payment. Since bitcoins have been valued against the American dollar, it is easy to convert the purchasing power of bitcoins, even as their value fluctuates.

Ride sharing is possible with Ethereum

Ride sharing is possible with Ethereum

Ethereum wallet on the other hand, does not hold a value compared to the American dollar. In fact, it is not accepted anywhere except for on the platform. Ethereum, is used by a community of IT engineers, software programmers, technology startup companies and other interested parties who are a part of the platform for various reasons. Some use the platform in order to build websites, others use the connections of the people on the board to locate private equity and venture capitalist’s investors while others are simply working on developing proprietary software they intend to launch in the future. Regardless, the virtual currency on this platform is reserved for those who use his platform, with the virtual form of currency not being accepted outside of the platform besides for those who are searching for the currency to use.

Arcade City and other innovative companies are employing the Ethereum wallet technology. Christopher Davis, founder of the gamified ride-share organization, confirmed that “the blockchain will be the great leveler, undermining centralized authority in industry after industry. By decentralizing decisions about pricing and services to individuals themselves, we are creating the marketplace of the future.”

Microsoft and Consensus joined forces recently to invest in the virtual currency together.

Aurélien Menant, Founder and CEO of Gate coin, claims that Ethereum is developing “a global, interconnected, secured, programmable network,” adding that Ethereum is “not only a digital currency but more a digital commodity, fueling that ecosystem.”

Virtual Ethereum Currency

Many companies and corporations believe in virtual currency so much, that they believe that it will become a significant part of our near future. the concept is viewed as revolutionary and innovative, as it is slowly changing the global perception of currency. No longer is it simply a means to purchase goods and services. Now, it activates engagement, inspires other new, unique and exciting innovations, rewards investors who take action in the early stages and provides the regulation for the funds used to accomplish all of this.

Ethereum provides a way for investors and startup funds to connect in a platform where they can engage specifically with the intent of helping others and themselves. The innovative platform allows for people all over the world to use the database, connect with their peers and engage insecure business transactions. There simply is no limit to the different and various tasks that can be completed on the Ethereum platform- the list is endless. The emergence of virtual currency not only gave us an alternative way to provide compensation for goods and services received, but it also allows us to think about other valuable currencies that exists outside of government issued money. Since the value of Ethereum is not determined against American or European money, the participants of the platform determine the value. As opposed to assigning a $to a task or valuable entity, the value is determined by the Ethereum itself.

It's staggering how Microsoft has already doubled down on Ethereum wallet.

It’s staggering how Microsoft has already doubled down on Ethereum wallet.

Even though bitcoins and Ethereum are different in the reason they were created, what they are used for and how they function, they are interconnected. Organizations like Microsoft, UBS and R3CEV have announced their use in employment for Ethereum, which created a wave of other corporations that were immediately influenced to take noticed at the very least.

With some doubts surrounding bitcoins and the possibility of them not being able to keep up with emergence and evolution of Ethereum, even more corporations and companies are paying close attention to the virtual currency. the excitement surrounding the virtual currency is only the beginning as neither bitcoins or Ethereum have reached even half of their potential yet.

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